It’s what happens when you push your body far beyond its comfort zone, but not quite to its breaking point. Each day. Every day. So that when you step onto the mat during a competition, you know that you’re ready for anything, because you’ve been through everything. You’re a survivor. You persevere. You’re already a winner for doing more that an average person, even an average athlete, well ever be asked to do. You’re a wrestler. Meet your inner hero. It’s YOU on the other side of wrestling conditioning.

Conditioning practices started on Tuesday, September 17th. Come join us for these important pre-season practices. Monday through Thursday from 5:30 PM until 6:15, we will usually be on the track or in the weight room. Around 6:20, we move into the small gym for about another hour and a half.

Wear comfortable clothing you can sweat in. Loose, but not too-baggy, t-shirts. Shorts or sweats with little or no metal on them (so they don’t cut the mats or the other athletes). Socks (especially if you don’t have wrestling shoes) and athletic shoes. And, when we get on the mats, you should have actual wrestling shoes. During pre-season it is not critical to have wrestling shoes, but start saving up for them; by the start of the season, you need them. All jewelry should be left at home or in your workout bag. Long hair should be tied back. Your nails must be trimmed short, and stubble should be shaved clean—just like during the season.

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