September to November: What to Expect

Welcome to all the returning wrestlers and to everyone new to our team. Pre-season is a great time to get involved with the Inderkum Tigers Wrestling Team. From now through October 13th, we will be working primarily on conditioning. We focus on building stamina, strength, flexibility, and balance—all skills that every wrestler needs to perform their best during the season.

For three weeks, from October 14th through November 3rd, there is a CIF-mandated “dead period”, in which coaches are not permitted to interact with their athletes. This is to help ensure that there is “down time” for both the players and coaches. However, athletes may (and generally should) continue to work out and condition on their own at home, at the gym, or in P.E. classes. Do not let all the hard work you did during pre-season conditioning slip away!

On Monday, November 4, 2019, come to practice ready to work hard! Our first in-season practice is when we switch gears and really start focusing on wrestling techniques and building your skills.

Our first scrimmage probably will be on November 15th or 16th. Scrimmages are informal meets where scores are not kept. For many new wrestlers, scrimmages are their first opportunity to get out on the mat and test their new skills against competitors. A second scrimmage probably will be held later that week or the following weekend. Actual competitions, where scores are kept and ranking is calculated, start after November 21st and run until February 8th.

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