Forms & Documents

For Athletes

Emergency Card

This is a copy of the last page of the Student-Athlete Clearance Packet. It needs to be turned in to one of the wrestling coaches no later than your second practice session of the season. It will be kept securely by the coaches in our office and travel with the coaches to events so that we have the necessary authorizations and contact and medical information available for each student-athlete if an emergency were to occur.

Athletic Clearance Packet

Each year the Natomas Unified School District requires that each student have a Student-Athlete Clearance Packet completed prior to being eligible to tryout or participate in a school-sponsored sports program. Part of the clearance packet is a physical form that needs to be signed by the student-athlete’s physician. The Student-Athlete Clearance Packet is only completed once per year and is due by the deadline of the first sport in which the student-athlete participates.

Download the 2019–2020 Student-Athlete Clearance Packet below or directly from the Inderkum website (where it also is available in Spanish and there is information about insurance).

For Parents/Volunteers

Becoming a Volunteer

The Natomas Unified School District (NUSD) defines a volunteer as:

“a non-paid individual who, with school District Authorization, assists students, schools, or educational programs. This individual may not always be under the direct supervision of District staff. The service can be on short-term, project specific or on-going basis. A volunteer is required to complete a Volunteer Application, Code of Conduct, take a tuberculosis (TB) test, and have a fingerprint/background check completed prior to rendering service.

To become a volunteer you must be aware of and follow these rules.

  • Volunteers working with students must be under the direct supervision of a District employee (Education Code §35021).
  • Volunteers working regularly with students must take a tuberculosis test, be fingerprinted, give evidence of basic skills proficiency, and take a loyalty oath (E.C. §45344.5, 45347, 35349). Any school office can assist you with these requirements.
  • Unsalaried volunteers are covered by the District’s Workers Compensation Insurance (Labor Code §3364.5). Claim forms are available in each school office.
  • Volunteers may offer services not otherwise available, but may not be used to displace regular school personnel (E.C. §35021).
  • Volunteer must work in the same presence of another adult. Any exception must be approved by the principal.
  • Volunteers who will be driving students must also complete a volunteer driver form.

Download the 2019–2020 Volunteer Packet below or directly from the District website.